Singer Britney Spears has denied her new raunchy image is setting a bad influence for her young fans - she's simply letting them live their dreams.

The 21-year-old has posed for scantily clad pictures, and publicly kissed Madonna recently, as well as bursting back onto the pop scene with a provocative live show - but Spears strongly denies accusations her sexed up new image is corrupting her young fan base.

She argues, "That's ridiculous. It's inspiring for a kid to know that you can have a dream that can happen. It's positive to see that you can fantasise about being on stage. It's like dress-up and being a kid."

Spears is particularly erked at parents who now stop their children from watching her perform - as it could lead to drug addiction problems in later life.

She says, "I feel sorry for the kids whose parents don't let them watch TV. Those are the kids who go to college and become drug heads because they've been so cooped up all their lives."

23/09/2003 02:32