Britney Spears is so desperate to look "perfect" on her tour posters - promoters have digitally slimmed down her curvy figure.

According to reports, the TOXIC singer, 22, is keen to return to the super-fit physique she showed off last year (03) - with a little technological help.

Britney reportedly told tour bosses, "I look like a blimp, so do something about it.

"I need to look perfect - better than perfect."

The superstar has already started her rigorous 68-date tour - which she hopes will help her to lose the extra inches she has gained in recent months.

She has reportedly confided to friends, "I won't stop until I look like I do in my ads.

"That's the body I once had and that's the body I'll get again."

Besides the hectic demands of touring, the BABY ONE MORE TIME star is also working out five times a week with LA-based personal trainer BOBBY STROM - in a bid to lose the flab.

Strom says, "She does about 700 sit-ups in a single 90-minute workout, in sets of 150.

"I'm tough on her but she prefers it that way, and she's lost inches from her waist that way."

02/04/2004 17:35