Britney Spears' father JAMIE has won control of his troubled daughter's medical, financial and legal affairs, after he was granted temporary conservatorship in a Los Angeles court on Friday afternoon (01Feb08). Jamie and his ex-wife Lynne called an emergency hearing after the pop star was committed to hospital for a 72-hour psychiatric evaluation on Thursday morning (31Jan08). And Superior Court judge Reva Goetz agreed to hand over control of the troubled star's affairs, telling Jamie and Lynne she felt it would be in the singer's "best interest". As a result of the ruling, Spears' father now has the power to restrict visitors to his daughter. Judge Goetz also allowed Britney's parents to secure the singer's Hollywood Hills home, changing locks and vacating any persons living there as they saw fit. The former couple was also granted the power to "prosecute any civil harassment restraining orders" and immediately called for a 21-day restraining order against their daughter's confidant and self-proclaimed manager Sam Lutfi, who has been involved in a war of words with Jamie and Lynne Spears since the pop star was admitted to hospital upon a psychiatrist's intervention. The order was granted. Angry Lutfi refused to appear in court, raging, "I object to this. Britney is fully capable of handling her own finances. Her doctors are capable of handling her health care. "You'd think in a time like this, the family would be at the hospital taking care of their daughter, rather than fighting for her money. How sad."