A U.S. judge has granted Britney Spears' father JAMIE an increase in his monthly payments as conservator of the singer's estate.
Jamie Spears was put in charge of his daughter's legal, financial and personal affairs in February (08) following a public breakdown which saw the star hospitalised for a mental evaluation.
Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Reva Goetz ruled in October (08) that Jamie Spears and attorney Andrew Wallet would stay on indefinitely as co-conservators.
And on Monday (22Dec08) Goetz awarded Spears an additional $51,000 (GBP34,000) payout for helping his daughter get her personal and professional life back on track.
Guetz told the hearing: "He (Jamie Spears) has been working extra hours related to various activities related to her music and her tour and activities necessary to the conservatorship."
The elder Spears had previously been receiving $10,000 (GBP6,700) a month for his work, but Goetz increased the amount to approximately $16,000 (GBP10,700) per month and agreed to give him backpay.
Goetz also granted Spears an additional $1,200 (GBP809) monthly payment to maintain an office.