Britney Spears' cousin Alli Sims has confirmed she was asked to leave the pop superstar alone or risk legal problems - by the singer's dad.
Sims, who worked as Spears' assistant for a year during the star's most traumatic period, admits she was told to step down and stay away when the hitmaker's father, Jamie, took control of her affairs at the beginning of 2008.
In an exclusive interview with U.S. TV news show Access Hollywood, Sims insists she was still living with her cousin and they were best friends when her uncle and aunt took over - and she was one of the first things to go.
She reveals she was told to stay away or deal with Spears' lawyer.
Sims says, "He (Jamie) definitely said that. They're very controlling and that's fine. I just stepped back. I'm not gonna fight nine lawyers and parents... They've pretty much cut out everyone."