Britney Spears' cousin ALLI SIMS is set to follow in the footsteps of her famous relative - and launch her own pop career. The Toxic star's former assistant revealed her plans for an assault on the charts in an interview with German magazine Maxi, and insists she will succeed without the help of her celebrity connections. She says, "When I make it as a singer, I will have made it on my own. The people who help me with my career right now, I have met without Britney and that's good. "I don't want her to help me, I wanna make it on my own." And Sims is confident is is destined to be a big star. She adds, "I wanna be the next Norah Jones. I just wanna be on stage and sing blues. If I were a product, I would be Louis Vuitton. Classic, tasteful, timeless."