Britney Spears' companion/manager SAM LUTFI has blasted reports the pop star was topless in a clothing store at 2am on Thursday morning (17Jan08). Lutfi called in to Los Angeles DJ Ryan Seacrest's KIIS FM show this morning to dismiss reports Spears bared her breasts at Kitson employees while trying on new clothes. He confirmed Spears and her entourage, including himself, did visit the trendy Robertson Boulevard store after hours, but the late-night shopping spree took place closer to midnight. He told Seacrest, "It wasn't two in the morning; it was midnight, I think." He then quickly added, "(She was) definitely not topless... That never happened." But Spears was naked when Lutfi tried to hand her the phone, so she could speak to the DJ from her Hollywood home. She yelped, "Hi! Get out, I'm naked, I'm naked." Lutfi then explained Spears was about to take a shower. Seacrest quizzed the manager about Spears' mental state after a series of bizarre incidents earlier this week (begs14Jan08), which included her shopping for pregnancy tests, visiting a church in her wedding dress and blowing off a crucial court hearing that cost her visitation rights to her sons. Lutfi insisted, "Everything's fine... She's back on track, she's handling it. "She's just got some appointments, some doctor meetings that she's got to handle." When police and paramedics arrived at Spears' home on 3 January (08) in an effort to end a stand-off between the pop star and her ex-husband Kevin Federline's minder over a visitation issue, Lutfi reportedly told the authorities he "knew this was coming for a long time", but didn't know how bad it would be. Spears locked herself and her one-year-old son Jayden James in a bathroom and refused to come out after a visitation term had ended. After the stand-off, Spears was committed to hospital for a psychological evaluation.