LATEST: Officials at Los Angeles' Department Of Children And Family Services (DCFS) have closed their investigation into the welfare of Britney Spears' child. Investigators joined a Los Angeles County Sheriff's official for a routine visit to the pop singer at her Malibu, California home last weekend (08APR06). But a police official has confirmed the case was closed on the spot, at the house. US tabloid the Star speculates that the authorities were called to the house after Spears' baby Sean Preston fell out of his high chair and fractured his skull. Sources tell the tabloid that Spears and her husband Kevin Federline took their son to a Los Angeles hospital after noticing he was sleeping more than usual. The same sources claim Sean Preston had fallen out of his high chair earlier last week (ends08APR06), while in the care of his nanny. The worried parents took the baby to his paediatrician, who gave the tot the all-clear, but when Spears and Federline noticed their son seemed lethargic and sleepy later in the week, they checked him into UCLA Medical Center, the hospital where he was born.