Britney Spears is in yet more legal trouble - the Los Angeles City Attorney has filed hit and run charges against her. The troubled pop superstar has ended a week in which her lawyer and manager both quit her employ as she fought her ex-husband for child custody with a new legal headache. It dates back to a parking lot incident on 6 August (07), which was caught on camera by paparazzi photographers. Careless Spears accidentally collided with Kim Robard-Rifkin's vehicle as she tried to park her Mercedes Benz in Van Nuys, California. After inspecting the damage on her own car, Spears failed to contact Robard-Rifkin in accordance with California law. And that's not the only driving charge the City Attorney dropped on the pop star on Friday (21Sep07) - she also faces a misdemeanour count of driving without a valid California license. Each charge carries a maximum of six months in jail. Britney's arraignment hearing is set for October 10 (07) in Van Nuys Superior Court. And the latest controversy seems to have turned Spears into a wreck - she was spotted sobbing while shopping in Los Angeles as the news of her driving crimes broke. Earlier this week (beg17Sep07), a Los Angeles judge ruled the pop star would be subjected to random drug and alcohol testing twice a week as part of her ongoing child custody battle with ex Kevin Federline. The pair must also attend parental councilling sessions.