Britney Spears is at the centre of an internet hoax after computer whizz kids superimposed the singer's face on Tyra Banks' body - and passed the images off as the CD cover of her new song WOMANIZER.
The raunchy pictures show a woman who appears to be Spears in a black corset-style leotard, brandishing a cane. In another shot, the female is shown placing her cane on a semi-naked man's chest as a snake slithers over his body.
But the images have been exposed as fakes by Spears' record label Sony BMG - because label bosses have yet to see the photographs themselves, let alone release them online.
A spokesperson for Sony BMG says, "These are nothing to do with us. We haven't even seen the official cover pictures yet because they have only just been shot.
"I haven't a clue why someone should do this but there are all sorts of pictures of Britney around. There's a lot of made-up stuff on the internet, too."
The photos of former supermodel Banks are the promo shots from a previous run of her reality TV show America's Next Top Model.