Internet hoaxers are piling on the misery for ailing Britney Spears by claiming they have access to an illicit sex video featuring the pop star - and they want to sell it.

The pop superstar's aides acted quickly to get the cyber sale posting removed from hip site, insisting its bogus - and there is no video.

The posting - from an anonymous hoaxer - read, "I have a tape shot of me and Britney Spears and I was wondering if anyone in... LA would know who I could sell it to."

A Britney source says, "Britney was appalled by the news that someone was hawking a phoney video of her having sex with a possible former lover. She knew the video was a sham, but it bothered her greatly."

It has been a bad 2004 for Britney so far - it started off with an ill-advised Las Vegas, Nevada, wedding and continued with suicide controversy in her TOXIC video and a cancelled tour following a knee injury.

24/06/2004 01:58