Pop beauty Britney Spears has rubbished claims she acts out a suicide in her new video, and blasts parents for deeming the promo to be in bad taste.

The TOXIC star stirred controversy in America when reports surfaced of her suicide scene in the EVERYTIME video, but Britney is stunned by the outrage - because the promo makes it clear she sinks into a bath tub full of water after being struck by a camera.

A visibly angry Britney also slammed parents on Britain's MTV TOTAL REQUEST LIVE show today (05MAY04), claiming they shouldn't be infuriated by the rumours - because the problem of teenage suicide should be highlighted.

She said, "There's a lot of controversy because people think the video is about suicide.

"But if you watch closely, my head gets hit by a camera and that's what it's about.

"But if it was about suicide, I think it probably would have been a positive thing because the percentage rate in suicide right now is the highest it's ever been and I think that the more people are aware are of it, it makes the kids not feel alone."

05/05/2004 21:16