Newlywed pop babe Britney Spears' war with the paparazzi is heating up - she's been throwing soft drinks at them.

Britney's relationship with the photographers has grown increasingly worse over the year; In June (04) her mother LYNNE injured snapper CALUM REAVLEY in an accidental collision in Santa Monica, California, leaving the TOXIC singer in tears.

During her honeymoon with husband Kevin Federline in her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana, Britney and her family had an enjoyable time last month (SEP04) pelting journalists and paparazzi with milkshake.

On Wednesday (06OCT04) Britney went crazy at photo-journalists as she left a Kentwood sandwich shop, and hurled cola at them.

Laughing hubby Federline smirked, "That's what happens when you get too close."

07/10/2004 08:54