Britney Spears and Courtney Love look set to get the GLEE treatment - creator RYAN MURPHY wants to delve into the blondes' back catalogue for the hit TV musical.
Following the success of the show's tribute to Madonna, which aired in the U.S. on Tuesday (20Apr10), Murphy admits he's considering tackling Spears in a future episode.
He tells, "I'm interested in the Britney Spears idea. I've always loved her. I'm entertaining it. I think young kids would like that."
And Murphy also wants a shot at the Hole rocker, adding: "I actually ran into Courtney Love the other day and talked to her. She's interested. I would love to have the kids do a Courtney Love episode one day... The key is the songs in the catalogue have to have a certain degree of theatricality."
The Madonna special, which featured the Glee cast performing the pop superstar's songs, was a big hit among TV viewers - 13.5 million people tuned in to see the episode.
Murphy reveals he's also considering the music of Billy Joel and Led Zeppelin for upcoming shows.