Britney Spears' love rival Shar Jackson insists that she barely speaks to the pop beauty, despite their public show of unity.

Jackson was devastated when her then-boyfriend Kevin Federline left her while she was pregnant with their second child KALEB and embarked on a romance with Spears in April 2004, which led to marriage.

And while Spears, Federline and Jackson were recently photographed together at a party, the former MOESHA star insists her communication with pop beauty Spears is minimal.

She says, "Kevin and Britney have their own lives. I have my life with my kids, and Kevin is a part of that. Thus, Britney is also a part of that.

"But rarely do we get together. Rarely. I asked if the baby was doing well and he said, 'Yeah.' We left it at that."

And, as for reports Spears and Federline's marriage is already in trouble over the dancer's penchant for clubbing while his wife of a year tends for their new baby Sean Preston, Jackson says, "C'mon, kiddo, did you think things were going to be different? Kevin was there for (daughter) KORI every single day of her life until I told him to go out and get a job."