Pop beauty Britney Spears has had her first fight with new love KEVIN FEDERLINE - after ignoring his desperate pleas for her to stop flirting with her male dancers.

The saucy TOXIC singer danced with other men in a trip to Copenhagen's PAN GAY CLUB last month (MAY04) and ignored her 26-year-old beau - much to his obvious displeasure.

But when Federline confronted the sexy singer over her antics, furious Britney reacted angrily by storming back to her hotel without him.

A source close to the singer says, "He was sitting on the sofa in the VIP room with a scowl on his face - he was not enjoying watching Britney cavorting with other guys like that.

"Poor Kevin was stranded. Britney took their ride home. He had such a go at her when he got back. They didn't speak for more than a day after that."

02/06/2004 13:10