Britney Spears is being tipped for a regular spot on sitcom HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, by one of its stars Alyson Hannigan
Rumours have circulated the show's bosses are considering Spears' for a permanent turn on the show after ratings soared when she returned for a second stint, playing ditzy receptionist Abby on Monday (12May08) evening's episode.
Hannigan, who worked with Spears on set, is keen for her to come back full time.
She says, "She's fantastic and just a really, really sweet girl."
And the actress describes the media circus surrounding Spears' presence: "Well the first episode was a big hoopla. A helicopter followed her into work and people were taking pictures of her off the parking structure. It was pretty crazy. But the second time they moved her trailer to a more isolated location and the paparazzi sort of left her alone I guess. Is the top of her head is it really that interesting?"