Pop star Britney Spears has incurred the wrath of concerned parental groups by wearing another piece of clothing emblazoned with the word "f***".

The singer - who has shed her formerly angelic public persona in recent years - has attracted the ire of American campaign group FOCUS ON THE FAMILY after she was photographed wearing a belt buckle reading, "F*** you".

Britney has been previously seen wearing three T-Shirts sporting the same word - and, as a result, the group have accused Spears, 22, of "polluting" her fans.

Focus On The Family's founder DR ADRIAN ROGERS rallies, "She built her reputation and won fans by being Miss Clean. But she's like the Pied Piper - now she's collected the children, she's leading them astray.

"She's polluting their minds and setting a very bad example."

04/02/2004 09:12