The actress dumped by Britney Spears's fiance Kevin Federline while six months pregnant wants to befriend the superstar singer.

MOESHA star Shar Jackson, who gave birth to her and Federline's second child KALEB on 20 July (04), is keen to meet Spears before offering her opinion on her children's future stepmother.

Jackson says, "I haven't met her and I don't like to judge people just on what I hear. I want to judge on what I know."

As for Federline arriving 30 minutes late for the birth of Kaleb, she comments, "I think he thought he had more time than he did. When he did arrive, I started crying.

"He put his hand on my leg and looked at me and said, 'Thank you'. It was really sweet. That was the Kevin that I knew.

"He showed a whole lot of emotion when he got here so I am assuming he is happy about it. He told me he is happy about it. He is excited.

"But now he has to realise that there is a boy now, not a girl, and a father has really got to be there."

01/08/2004 14:24