Britney Spears' former manager SAM LUTFI took the witness stand in court on Tuesday (23Oct12) to testify that the pop star shaved off her hair during a meltdown in 2007 to hide traces of drugs.

Lutfi's lawyer made the outrageous claim last week (ends19Oct12) at the beginning of his client's civil defamation trial against Spears' mother, and the defendant reiterated it in court.

The former Svengali claimed his charge was so convinced her hair could be tested for drugs and used against her in a child custody battle against her ex-husband Kevin Federline, she shaved it off.

Lutfi, who is also suing the singer for money he claims he's owed from 2007 and 2008, told a Los Angeles jury, "Britney was involved in a wicked child custody battle. She told me someone had told her that they can scientifically test her hair for a history of drug use so she shaved it off."

The hair-shaving incident came just before the singer was hospitalised twice. Her father Jamie took over as conservator of the pop star's estate shortly after that - and Lutfi was released as the singer's manager.

In court on Tuesday, Lutfi recalled meeting Spears in a nightclub in 2007 and becoming her friend and confidante, revealing she opened her heart out to him about her drug problems and her broken marriage to Kevin Federline, the father of her young sons.

Lutfi is seeking 15 per cent of his former client's earnings for the months he claims he is entitled to the fee and is also suing Spears' father for assault. He has also charged her mother for defamation over allegations she made about him in her memoirs, Through The Storm.

Britney Spears has not appeared in court and a judge has ruled her testimony will not be necessary in the trial.