Part of the copyright of Britney Spears' 2003 single EVERYTIME is to be sold on internet auction site eBay.

Record producer ADRIAN ADAMS, who managed Spears' back-up singer and co-writer ANNETTE STAMATELATOS on the record, boasts a seven per cent share in the song, which featured on the pop queen's 2003 album IN THE ZONE.

And although he has already netted more than $60,000 (GBP33,333) from it, Adams hopes the sale will land him a further $100,000 (GBP55,555).

He says, "I'm selling my share in the song because I want to do other stuff with the money.

"I thought it would be wonderful to offer this opportunity to the millions of Britney fans all over the world - people who would never normally be in a position to make this type of acquisition."

The successful buyer will be able to collect all the gold and platinum discs it earns, worldwide, alongside all future royalties.

Adams adds, "I wouldn't expect that you're going to meet Britney because you buy this song. But you never know."