Hollywood's kissing trend has reached new heights - now lesbians are locking lips with straight men!

After MADONNA smooched Britney Spears at the MTV Video Music Awards and JOEY kissed ROSS on the season opener of Friends in America on Thursday night (25SEP03), comedienne-turned-chat show host ELLEN DeGENERES locked lips with new dad BEN STILLER.

Stiller, who was on Ellen's self-titled show to promote new movie DUPLEX, tried to remind the host of a kiss they'd shared at a party, and when Ellen couldn't remember the moment, she insisted they re-enact the moment.

Ellen jumped up and said, "Let's kiss now," prompting her audience to cheer and a delighted Stiller to quip, "Did I tell you how great you were in Finding Nemo?"

The pair then burst into fits of giggles while declaring their love for each other.

Ellen then added, "There's no chance for several reasons between both of us."

28/09/2003 20:38