A choreographer who claims he gave a very young Britney Spears dance lessons has been accused of being a child porn predator.

Police arrested STEVEN HOOD in December (04) after one of his 14-year-old students reported him to the authorities after he allegedly tried attempted to persuade her to take nude pictures of herself and hand them to him.

And now his links to Britney Spears have been exposed after he revealed he put the pop star through her paces just before she signed on as a star of TV's MICKEY MOUSE CLUB.

Hood was reportedly been quoted as saying Britney "was unlike any little girl I had ever coached before."

Meanwhile, a representative of the Louisiana Attorney General's office, who will prosecute Hood, states the dance teacher may have used his reported ties to Spears to lure potential victims.

The spokesman tells US TV news show CELEBRITY JUSTICE, "If you trade on the fact that you were very instrumental in teaching Britney Spears how to dance, that is another way to gain that person's confidence."

Hood has been arraigned on charges of attempted pornography involving a juvenile and attempted carnal knowledge of a juvenile. He has pleaded not guilty.

04/05/2005 21:16