Britney Spears' former manager SAM LUTFI has fired back at the pop star's mum in the pair's ongoing legal battle over controversial comments she made in her 2009 memoir THROUGH THE STORM.
Lutfi filed suit against the Toxic hitmaker, her mum Lynne and dad Jamie in February, 2009, accusing them of defamation, libel, battery, breach of contract, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.
He alleges comments Lynne Spears made in her book Through The Storm, in which she branded him a "Svengali", a "fake", and a "predator", subjected him to public ridicule.
Lynne fought to have the case dismissed citing the U.S. Constitution's freedom of speech, arguing that Lutfi's reputation could not be tarnished any further after he was accused of aiding the singer's downfall, which led to her public breakdown in 2008.
Her claim was rejected by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge last August (09) but the Spears family matriarch filed an appeal against that decision last month (May10) and now Lutfi has outlined his argument to continue the case.
In new legal papers filed in a California appeals court on Monday (07Jun10), Lutfi's lawyer alleges Britney's life had already begun to spiral out of control before he was hired as her manager, highlighting events including her two failed marriages, a stint in rehab and her reckless driving arrest in 2007.
The attorney adds that Lutfi has never been convicted of any crime and counters that a jury should decide the case.