Pop star Britney Spears left American concert fans fuming by making them wait for 40 minutes before treating them to a brief 20 minute set, in which she didn't speak to the audience once.

The I'M A SLAVE 4 U singer was performing alongside Beyonce Knowles, KELLY CLARKSON, Hilary Duff and Jessica Simpson at the KIIS-FM JINGLE BALL in Texas on Monday (08DEC03) when her strange behaviour angered fans.

MTV.COM commented, "The three-song set was about 15 minutes shorter than Beyoncé's and ended oddly with Britney walking off the stage toward the end of "ME AGAINST THE MUSIC" while her dancers finished.

"What seemed to anger the audience most - even the girl with the homemade "#1 Britney Fan" T-shirt left frowning - was Spears' lack of interaction with her fans. Not even a "Thank you" or "Good night."

And fans have since aired their grievances on Britney messageboards. On WORLDOFBRITNEY.COM, one writes, "I love Britney tons, but I lost so much respect for her tonight."

10/12/2003 14:06