Pop babe Britney Spears has been removed as a defendant from a lawsuit filed by her alleged stalker MASAHIKO SHIZAWA.

Japanese Shizawa was ordered by a court last autumn (03) to stay at least 300 yards (274 metres) away from the TOXIC singer, after he sent the star love letters, emails and faxes, as well as photos of himself and notes declaring, 'I'm chasing you.'

Weeks after the ruling, he filed suit against Spears and two of her security guards for causing him "extreme emotional distress" stemming from a confrontation outside her home in October 2002.

US District Judge FLORENCE-MARIE COOPER removed Spears and one of her bouncers MIKE ZANDI as defendants in the case, but allowed the allegations against guard ROBERT FEGGANS stand.

Yokohama-native Shizawa alleges Spears' two bouncers intimidated him and that Feggans pointed a firearm at him.

Shizawa has also filed suit against the city of Los Angeles for allegedly taking away his dignity, during a search of his hotel room.

23/05/2004 21:16