Britney Spears' former love rival Shar Jackson fears her ex and his new wife are making a terrible mistake in bringing a baby into their marriage - because they hardly know each other.

The actress, who is the mother of Kevin Federline's two children KORI and KALEB, insists the couple should have allowed their marriage to grow before becoming parents.

She says, "A baby is not a dog. You can't just put it away. I know she (Spears) says she's had experience with kids, but let me say this: 'You have not had experience until you have one of your own... I don't know if Britney realises how hard it will be."

And Jackson admits her ex has even told her he's concerned the new baby will be a tough challenge.

She adds, "Kevin is overwhelmed. He has told me that it is really a lot, what with a break-up, a wedding and two babies in a year."

22/04/2005 09:09