It's not always been the easiest of rides for Britney Spears but the pop superstar now seems to be fully entrenched in the fun and games of the X Factor. Talking to Fox, Spears admitted that she was initially taken aback by the strong reaction of the live crowds, finding it surprising that she'd get booed after dismissing an auditioning act. "It was hard for me at first, and then you gradually get used to it. It's hard because they all boo you," she said. "You have got 5,000 people behind you and they actually love everyone. So if you say no, they go crazy."

However, Spears now seems to have grown quite fond of her role as pantomime villain, and insisted that she was only harsh on contestants because she wanted the very best to get through. "I want them to be able to perform, I want them to feel alive onstage, and of course the voice has to be amazing as well," she commented. Adding "to combine all those three things is the 'it' factor for me" Spears continued, "It's a thrill and is so much fun when you actually see it, when you see someone come to life on the stage and deliver the way they are supposed to. It is just the best feeling." Fans will be able to see how the opening weeks of Spears' run with the X Factor went when the season returns tomorrow (September 12, 2012) on Fox.