Britney Spears owes her triumphant career comeback to her father JAMIE, according to actor and family friend Mel Gibson.
Jamie Spears took over his pop star daughter's legal, financial and personal affairs last year (Feb08) following a public breakdown which saw the star hospitalised for a mental evaluation.
And the Braveheart star maintains that if it weren't for the elder Spears' intervention, the singer wouldn't have been able to successfully resurrect her singing career.
He says: "She pulled herself out, and her dad... he's the real hero."
And Gibson has explained why he reached out to the star by inviting her to dinner in March (08) after her father gained conservatorship.
He adds: "She's a nice kid, y'know. She was just going through a rough patch. You see kids that you know in the industry... I just felt like this poor kid is lining up to be stoned. I just thought, 'I wonder if anyone is reaching out to her,' so I just called her and she's doing great now."