The wife of British photographer ADNAN GHALIB has launched a furious tirade against his on/off girlfriend Britney Spears. AzLynne Berry, 28, insists she and Ghalib were still a couple when the snapper began dating the troubled pop star. The model-turned-beautician is devastated that her husband has been romantically linked to the singer and suspects he may be using the star to boost his career. She tells U.S. TV show Access Hollywood, "We were living together as man and wife when he started romancing Britney. I believed he was purely working and was trying to win her confidence for a photoshoot. "He's broken my heart and I haven't stopped crying for two weeks. She's as much a mug as I was if she says she believes him when he says he loves her. "I know Adnan has a reputation as a womaniser but he's a handsome guy and American girls love his English accent. "He has a way that can make a girl feel like a million dollars. But Britney should be careful." Berry goes on to rubbish rumours that Ghalib is planning on marrying Spears. She adds, "The only way he'll marry her is over my dead body. He's living on the same fantasy planet as her if they think they'll be walking down the aisle any time soon." The British snapper has been a constant presence by Spears' side in recent weeks, but the pair have recently been rocked by rumours of a split and it was even reported that Spears had taken out a restraining order against him - a fact that Ghalib vehemently denies.