LATEST: The ex-girlfriend of Britney Spears' fiance Kevin Federline has hit out at reports the pop beauty has bought her a house - insisting she's not in need of a home.

It was recently reported that TOXIC singer Spears bought former MOESHA star Shar Jackson a house, after learning the actress was sleeping in cheap motels. But Jackson insists nothing could be further from the truth.

She says of the rumour, "That's fiction. Britney Spears didn't buy me a house. I live in a house I bought for my mom. I don't need anyone to buy me a house."

Last month (JUL04), Jackson gave birth to Federline's son KALEB MICHAEL JACKSON FEDERLINE. Jackson and Federline also have a two-year-old daughter together called KORI.

11/08/2004 21:29