The ex-girlfriend of Britney Spears' fiance Kevin Federline is set to cash in on her recent string of woes - by launching her own reality TV show.

Former MOESHA star Shar Jackson was heavily pregnant with her and Federline's second child in the late spring (04) when she learned the dancer had struck up a romance with the TOXIC singer.

And while Spears and Federline excitedly plan their wedding, Jackson is teaming up with a trio of producers to pitch a docusoap, following her as she works to get back into music and acting while raising her newborn son KALEB and two-year-old daughter KORI.

RICK TELLES - one of the show's executive producers - says, "We want the show to (explore) what it's like to be a young woman with children in Hollywood.

"An aspect of the show will be her tabloid life, but there's also a life outside of that."

Producers are hoping Federline will make appearances on the show.

29/07/2004 21:49