Britney Spears' husband Kevin Federline is hoping to land even more screen time, after pitching a reality TV show of his own.

Just a day after announcing a reality show with Spears, dancer Federline, an aspiring model, actor and singer, has reportedly been trying to sell the idea of another series chronicling his professional life as he records and promotes his first album.

No record deal has been announced, but Federline met with executives at US cable network E! ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION on 1 April (05), and pitched himself as the next Eminem, according to PEOPLE magazine.

E! has yet to offer him a deal, but Federline is reportedly getting a boost from his wife, who is allowing him access to top music producers to help launch his debut album.

A pal says, "(Critics) want to make him out to be the 'taker' he is really not. He's just trying to do his best being in the spotlight."

Spears and Federline's six-episode show, documenting their courtship and marriage, is due to premiere before the end of next month (APR05).

06/04/2005 21:30