LATEST: Britney Spears and estranged husband Kevin Federline have become closer during her stay in rehab, but the couple won't be reconciling, according to press reports in the US. Federline has been a major source of support for troubled Spears, with media reports suggesting the pair are working on getting back together. But a friend of Federline slams the reports, saying the former back-up dancer is not interested in rekindling the couple's romance. He tells American publication Us Weekly, "I talked to Kevin about Britney and he said he's not getting back together with Britney. At least not right now. He just wants to be a friend for her. "She has told him she would get back with him, but he's trying to just do the right thing for everyone right now, but he doesn't want to go back there again." Spears has reportedly become "very close" to RIVA lead guitarist JASON FILYAW, who she met at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.