The one-year-old son Britney Spears held hostage in her bathroom during an apparent meltdown last week (03Jan07) was admitted to hospital with bite and bruise marks. Little Jayden James appeared perfectly calm and happy when police arrived at the pop star's home at the start of a threehour stand-off, but medical reports have since suggested the tot was injured. America's Us Weekly magazine reports Spears cradled Jayden James throughout the lock-in, staged when it came time for her to hand over the boy to his father's minders at the end of her visitation time. The authorities initially considered the baby was in no immediate danger, but police officers then spotted a bite mark and several bruises on the boy and became anxious. Federline's bodyguard told them that the baby's big brother, Sean Preston, two, had bitten his little brother earlier in the day, long before he arrived at his mother's house.