Britney Spears' minders were handed $6,000 (GBP3,000) a day in cash to finance her out-of-control shopping habit. The troubled singer relied on retail therapy to keep her spirits high - but was not "responsible" enough to carry her own cash, according to her former bodyguard Tony Barretto. Barretto says, "The other bodyguard and I would have to carry the cash which was delivered to us daily in a white money bag to pay for whatever she wanted to buy. "She could certainly spend money - even in junk shops. In one, she spent $8,000 (GBP4,000) on stuff including an old chandelier. I spent 45 minutes putting up the thing for her and then it didn't work. Britney's response was, 'Get rid of it.'" Barretto's revelations formed part of his testimony during Spears' court battle with ex Kevin Federline over custody of their two children, and could mean the star loses custody of the tots.