Britney Spears former love rival Shar Jackson won't be approaching her ex, the pop star's husband Kevin Federline, for child support because she just wants him to spend time with their kids.

Federline fathered two children with the former MOESHA star and left her for Spears while the actress was pregnant with their son KALEB.

Still bitter towards her ex for the way he treated her when he started dating Britney, Jackson tells US urban magazine Sister To Sister she won't be fighting for Federline's cash.

She says, "I am a very, very independent woman. If I wanted child support that's an easy procedure.

"All I want from Kevin is his time with his children. That's it, bottom line."

Jackson insists she's attempting to remain friends with her ex, even though she'll never forgive him for dumping her while she was pregnant.

She tells the publication, "How do you call yourself a human being knowing that you put somebody else through that pain?"