The nanny Britney Spears fired after her son Sean Preston fell from his broken high chair has spoken publicly about the incident, insisting the tumble was an accident. The baby minder agreed to speak to US celebrity magazine Life + Style on condition reporters didn't name her. She tells the publication Spears and her husband Kevin Federline were out when their baby son fell to the floor and were furious when they returned to find Sean Preston in tears. The unnamed nanny recalls, "It was a genuine accident. The chair gave way where the seat meets the frame, and Sean hit the floor. I was terrified. "They (Spears and Federline) were angry with me. I had to go over the story many times with them - and with child services. I was scared for my job." Los Angeles child services officials visited the couple's Malibu, California, home after Spears and Federline took Sean Preston to hospital to make sure he was all right. They have since closed the case, accepting the tumble was an accident.