LATEST: Britney Spears' latest meltdown comes as no surprise to those who have known the pop superstar longest - they insist she has a long history of mind-bending drug use. She was spotted with prescription pills during a night out with pals in November (06), sparking initial concerns her life was spiralling out of control, but now old friends have started to come forward with drug use stories. AMANDA ALEXANDER, the sister of Spears' first husband JASON, admits the singer's drug use dates back to 2003. She tells In Touch magazine, "When I was around her, she took Ecstasy." Alexander also tells the publication she witnessed Spears using cocaine during a night out in her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana. And another old pal, Kent Smith, who has known Spears for "at least 10 years," tells the magazine, "She does like to party... I've been there when she's done Ecstasy and cocaine."