For close to five years now, Britney Spears has been under conservatorship from her father Jamie and more recently Jason Trawick, meaning that either Brit is subject to the legal control of one of these two men. After documents were filed this Tuesday (August 21st) in the conservatorship case, light has now been shed on just what the cause for this 4 and a half year surveillance is for, and the reasons seems to all be medically related.
Multiple sources close to Britney and to the case have told gossip website Tmz that these latest records are medical documents that outline Britney's condition and the treatment she is need of. Sources have also revealed that there is no plan yet that will bring an end to the conservatorship, something the ruling the judge at the heart of the conservatorship is happy to continue with.
The medical issues in question have yet to be released to the public, although it is understood that the pop princess has a personality affecting disorder that can affect her state of mind. According to what Tmz has been told, Brit is doing "extremely well" but needs the safety net of a conservatorship until her condition is completely eradicated.