Pop superstar Britney Spears insists her public persona has nothing to do with the "normal girl" she becomes when not working.

The I'M A SLAVE 4 U singer has outraged onlookers with her raunchy performances during her ONYX HOTEL TOUR, but is adamant her act does not depict the real Britney.

She says, "This is not my life, this is my career, my family is my life, my friends are my life."

"One day - I hope - a man will be my life. When you believe the hype, you begin to change for the worse, and that's when your life can become dangerous.

"I think that some people handle their career so wisely, they understand the need to separate your career and your life.

"Me when I'm not on stage I'm just like everybody else, I think I'm a fairly normal girl."

09/04/2004 17:28