Britney Spears' brief marriage to childhood pal Jason Alexander became the focus of yet more mockery on Saturday night (10JAN04), when Jennifer Aniston parodied the singer's wedding on live TV.

The Friends beauty appeared on long-running comedy sketch show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, where among other skits, she mocked Spears' controversial 3 January (04) Las Vegas nuptials, which led to an annulment just two days later.

Aniston donned a trendy VON DUTCH cap and midriff-baring top to take on the role of Spears, while SNL regular Jimmy Fallon, played Alexander.

In the sketch, set on New Year's Eve (03) in Las Vegas, the pair drank copious amounts of alcohol as they cooed about how much they had in common. And after Fallon found Aniston's teeth whitening chewing gum under their suite's mini-bar, she responded, "This is a sign, y'all let's get married!"

The two rushed to the altar, but within moments of becoming man and wife and sharing their first kiss, Aniston blurted, "Did you just burp? You just burped on my wedding kiss! You are so gross! I want an annulment.

"Jason, you've changed. You burped. I can try to get past it but it's obvious that your brain is just a little younger than mine.

"Now can anybody please just tell me where there's a good after-hours club in Vegas 'cause this place sucks!"

12/01/2004 08:40