Britney Spears' new video director Joseph Kahn (corr) has incriminating footage of Courtney Love which showing the rocker at her craziest.

Kahn, who directed Britney's new TOXIC promo, was once hired to shoot a video for Love - and he admits it was his most bizarre day as a filmmaker.

The video was set up on a football field in Los Angeles with extras all dressed up as burly gridiron players.

He recalls, "Courtney shows up and the first thing Courtney did was she kisses me. I was like, 'Wow, I just got kissed by Courtney Love.'

"I guessed she'd been drinking or something, and she went into full punk rock mode and she actually started going to the football players and tackling them. There's some footage out there."

19/01/2004 00:12