Britney Spears has vowed never to get another tattoo after a series of painful experiences while inking her sexy body.

The pop princess, 21, currently boasts four artistic markings on various parts of her body, including one below her hip with the Chinese symbol for 'mysterious', and a fairy tattoo on her back.

But Britney insists she's finished having her body sketched on.

She says, "I've got four and I'm not going to have any more. I got over it."

The most painful of her tattoos are the ones she sports on her feet.

She tells American tabloid the STAR of the flower circling her second toe, "I got it in Europe. My friends and I all got the same tattoo to remember our trip.

"The toe tattoo hurt extremely. I found out later that in some countries it's illegal to tattoo toes because of the pain. I'd like to get rid of it because it doesn't look the way I'd hoped it would. It's a blob.

"Then I forgot how bad the pain was, so I got another tattoo on my foot - and it hurt even worse."

The second foot tattoo is of a butterfly winging its way off a vine, of which Britney explains, "It means free - I'm free like a butterfly."

26/06/2003 17:17