Curvy pop star Britney Spears has millions of men around the world lusting after her, but she's still too shy to ask a guy out on a date.

The BOYS singer, ex-girlfriend of pop hunk Justin Timberlake, admits she has a problem with being bold when it comes to men - even though her sexy public image would indicate otherwise.

She says, "When I get around people that I don't know, I think they're surprised sometimes because they think I'm gonna be like this star, or whatever, but I'm completely opposite.

"I have tons of insecurities, like if you like someone and you don't know exactly what to say. They're saying like all these brilliant things and you're like, 'Mmm Hmm.' I have those moments - completely like everybody else. It's really disturbing!

"I need to learn some moves. I don't really have all the pick-up line things.

"I need to venture out more because I've never just gone up to a guy in a club. I haven't! What is wrong with me? It's very weird for me just to go up to somebody in a club and go, 'Oh hi, what's up? How you doing?' That's not me."

But 21-year-old Spears will be a little more daring with the opposite sex if music is involved.

She explains, "(When I see a guy in a club) I don't say anything. I just go up to him and start dancing with him. I'll do that, I'll dance. I'll just sit him there!"

11/11/2003 09:44