Pop beauty Britney Spears has been slammed for her headline-grabbing kiss with Madonna and recent raunchy antics - by her very own father.

Contrary to claims that 51-year-old JAMIE was delighted with Britney and Madonna's shocking lip-lock at last month's (AUG03) MTV Video Music Awards, the pop singer's father is disgusted.

With antics which have included scantily-clad poses in various magazines, admitting to having sex with ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake and a sensual stage performance in Las Vegas where she writhed suggestively with her dancers, 22-year-old Britney has done little to impress her dad.

Speaking to American tabloid the STAR, Jamie - recently divorced from Britney's mother LYNNE - says of his daughter's same-sex kiss, "She has to live with it but I don't approve of what she did, not one bit.

"I hate the way she's acting lately but I hardly ever see her any more to make my opinion known."

Jamie still lives in Britney's native Kentwood, Louisiana, where many of the residents are equally as unimpressed, with one resident adding, "My husband and I don't even kiss like she did with Madonna."

26/09/2003 09:06