Pop star Britney Spears found a novel way to get rid of boredom while waiting to shoot a PEPSI commercial - making paper planes.

The OOPS...I DID IT AGAIN beauty was in Rome to make the advert for the soft drinks giant, and let out a giant yawn.

So the sexy singer - who was wearing a t-shirt saying "Miss B. Haven" - started ripping out pages from her reading material and folding them into airborne shapes.

But her creative efforts were in vain, as the planes crash landed on the floor in front of gawping fans.

A source tells British tabloid The Sun, "Britney looked bored out of her brain. And with all that yawning, she didn't make a secret of it.

"It may just have been a paper plane but one lucky fan will have a keepsake to treasure."

29/09/2003 02:29