The new man in Britney Spears' life has a new concern to add to the threat of losing his pregnant girlfriend - he's been evicted from his home.

Kevin Federline, 26, recently hit headlines after he was spotted cavorting with Spears - even though he has a two-year-old daughter with former MOESHA star Shar Jackson, who's seven months pregnant with their second child.

America's STAR magazine reports that dancer Federline, who bears a striking resemblance to Spears' ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake, and his girlfriend Jackson were officially evicted from their six-bedroom rented house in Yorba Linda, California, on 6 April (04), according to a sheriff's notice posted on their door.

Former neighbour GREG BERADINO tells the publication, "It was a revolving door of people coming and going at all hours of the night and day. The entire last year they were here, they shuttered up the windows and kept the garage door closed. I think they were trouble.

"The moved out in the middle of the night. Good riddance!"

Actress Jackson and Federline were due to meet with each other last week (ends30APR04) to discuss the fate of their relationship, following his sightings with Spears.

03/05/2004 09:08