Britney Spears' mother has praised the pop princess' fans for the enthusiastic support she received while launching her latest album, because it's given her the drive to tour again.

The pop star was greeted by hundreds of excited fans when she performed in New York's Times Square on 18 November (03) to promote her IN THE ZONE LP, and her mum LYNNE was stunned by the frenzied excitement her daughter stirred.

She writes on Britney's official website, "Our heartfelt thanks goes to each and every one of you who went out and bought Britney's fourth album on the first week. It made her album number one! Britney broke another record, making her the first to have four consecutive number one albums in the first week.

"I had the opportunity to actually witness the enthusiasm and loyalty of the fans in Times Square. We all had chill bumps at the sight of all of you who were there to support her! Britney loved performing on that cold day outside. It really has put her in "full speed ahead" mode. She can't wait to tour!"

19/12/2003 16:51