Britney Spears' mother has hit out at claims her wedding to Kevin Federline was "tacky", describing it as a "very beautiful and intimate wedding ceremony".

Britney stunned her family and fans when she tied the knot last month (SEP04), giving guests - who thought they were attending an engagement party - just hours to prepare themselves for the momentous occasion, at a friends house in Studio City, California.

Writing on Britney's official website, LYNNE SPEARS says," We were all surprised!! And that's really saying something because it is very unlike Britney to be able to keep a secret. My first reaction was shock and then lingering thoughts of "what about her dress?

"What about the other plans?

"There were happy tears and 'congratulations' all at the same time."

After the ceremony guests headed to a Hollywood nightclub, wearing matching tracksuits - but Lynne refutes claims the wedding was "rushed" and "tacky", as critics have suggested.

She adds, "I must say, even with all the unexpected - it was a very beautiful and intimate wedding ceremony. We had a brilliant wedding planner. You know, the kind of wedding Britney had - small and intimate, with a grand celebration in the works for later - was always my dream and I couldn't have been happier with how Britney and Kevin chose to do it."

05/10/2004 17:35